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Terms & Conditions

Philippines Airlines Cash eGift Card is a virtual gift card that you can use to purchase PAL Tickets and/or myPAL Travel Boost (previously called Travel Extras). With just a few clicks, you can send the gift of travel to anyone, anywhere! With the Philippine Airlines eGift Card, let the magic of your gift live in the memories made.


Redemption Methods

OnlineMobile App

Redemption Instructions

Users may redeem via these different channels:, PAL Mobile App, PAL Ticket office, Global Reservation Hotline. Enter Card Number & PIN Code at Check-out.

1. Philippines Airlines Cash eGift Card can be used to pay for tickets and select myPAL Travel Boost (previously called Travel Extras) through the following channels:, PAL Mobile App, PAL Ticket office and Global Reservation Hotline. 2. eGift Cards may be used to purchase Tickets (including base fare, taxes, and fees) and/or myPAL Travel Boost (except for myPAL Travel Insurance and myPAL Upgrade). Applicable discounts will be available as required by law. 3. You can use the eGift Card partially and use the remaining balance for future purchases until there is no value left on the card. 4. The Philippines Airlines Cash eGift Card is in the currency of PHP. eGift Card’s value will not be converted to any other currency for redemption. 5. eGift Card s cannot be used to purchase new eGift Card(s). 6. If the purchase amount equals the available eGift Card balance, the value will be fully used. If the purchase amount exceeds the eGift Card’s redeemable balance, the excess may be paid through other acceptable forms of payment. 7. You can use up to a maximum of two (2) forms of payment for a single transaction with a combination of either any of the following: eGift Card(s), Voucher(s) and any acceptable forms of payment. 8. After your transaction, the amount of the eGift Card will be updated, including any remaining balance, and it will remain valid under the same terms. 9. To check your remaining balance, you may visit: and enter your unique eGift Card information. 10. eGift Card is transferable and can be used to pay for a Philippine Airlines ticket or select myPAL Travel Boost of another customer. 11. In cases of flight disruptions or cancellations, the refund value will be credited back to the eGift Card used to purchase the tickets or myPAL Travel Boost (as applicable). Refund is in accordance with the Fare Conditions of the ticket. 12. If the ticket or select myPAL Travel Boost were paid using multiple payment modes (e.g., eGift Card and Cash, eGift Card and Credit Card, or eGift Card and Refund Voucher), the refund will be credited back to its original forms of payment respectively (e.g., partial credit back to the eGift Card and partial cash refund, etc.) 13. Philippine Airlines is not responsible if any eGift Card is lost, stolen, or used without recipient’s permission. You agree that the possession by any person of the eGift Card is deemed an authority for said person as bearer of the eGift Card to use the same. Neither PAL nor PAL’s agent, employee or representative is obligated to request a person presenting this eGift Card to identify himself/herself. 14. Philippine Airlines tickets and myPAL Travel Boost purchased using eGift Card are subject to applicable Fare Conditions and Conditions of Carriage of Philippine Airlines. 15. eGift Card are non-refundable and cannot be returned or converted to cash or credit, except where required by law. 16. Except where prohibited by law, Philippine Airlines reserves the right to refuse, deactivate, cancel, reject, or hold for review any eGift Card mistakenly issued in an incorrect denomination or issued or procured, directly or indirectly, in connection with fraudulent actions or in connection with any violation of these terms and conditions. 17. Philippine Airlines reserves the right to modify and otherwise change these Terms and Conditions at any time in its sole discretion. These modifications or changes shall not impact the eGift Card that have already been purchased.

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