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Edamama is the first integrated digital platform for mothers in the Philippines with the mission to help parents simplify decision-making and bring everyday joy to parenting. It houses all of the family's needs in one place with exciting deals and discounts, exclusive perks and rewards, and superior customer care. Shop essentials from over 1,000 trusted brands for babies, expectant mamas, little and big kids, and products for your household, and more than 100% authenticity guaranteed! Visit to learn more. Enjoy your gift!

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Redemption Instructions

1. Add items to your cart. 2. Apply the code upon checkout. 3. Select from any of the available payment methods for any excess amount.

Each e-Gift Card will have the following general best standards summary of terms and conditions: 1. The e-Gift Card is valid immediately after receiving it. It can be redeemed via the edamama mobile app or on upon checkout. 2. It has no expiry date and is non-convertible to cash. 3. Any excess amount will be shouldered by the user of the e-Gift Card. 4. Any remaining balance will not be refunded. 5. The e-Gift Card may not be used alongside other promo codes or beans. Once redeemed, the e-Gift Card code is non-refundable. 6. The e-Gift Card is fully transferable and may only be redeemed once. 7. Edamama reserves the right not to honor a unique code that has been redeemed or tampered with. 8. Both Wogi and Edamama are not responsible for lost or stolen e-Gift Cards.

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