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Mega Sport is the leading and largest chain store in Israel in the field of sports. Mega Sport has more than 50 branches spread from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat, in leading malls and shopping centers.

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Click on the URL and follow the instructions to use the code in-store. - The Gift Card (voucher) can be used at stores across the country, with the exception of outlet stores. - The Gift Card (voucher) can be used with promotional offers. - The Gift Card (voucher) can't be used online. - The Gift Card (voucher) can't be refunded. - Gift cards (vouchers) can't be used to purchase gift cards. - Gift cards (vouchers) can't be exchanged for cash. - The Gift Card (voucher) can't be used with club member discounts and for the accumulation of club points.

Mega Sport is not a sponsor of the rewards or otherwise affiliated with the reward program. The logos and other identifying marks attached are trademarks of and owned by each represented company and/or its affiliates. Please visit each company's website for additional terms and conditions. Please note: Only one reward can be used per order. Cards cannot be used on multiple visits; the remaining balance will be forfeited if not used on a visit. 1. This Gift Card is issued by and represents an obligation of H.M. Tshurut Hen (1987) LTD. (Nofshonit). 2. Before using the Gift Card, please check the most updated terms and conditions at Nofshonit website. 3. The Gift card grants the customer the exact amount that is charged on it. 4. Purchases will be deducted from the amount of this Gift card until the value reaches zero. 5. The Gift card isn't a Debit card Literally in the law of Debit cards, התשמ""ו – 1986. The law will not apply to this card and its use. 6. In case of loss, theft, or corruption of the Gift card, nofshonit will not be responsible and won't compensate the customer. Forged Gift cards will not be honored. 7. In case the Gift card isn't redeemed before the expiry date, no compensation will be given. 8. In order to use the Gift card, the payment must be done fully to H.M. Tshurut Hen (1987) LTD. 9. Nofshonit isn't responsible for the quality of the products and for any damage that may cause regarding the products that are purchase in the stores. Any claim regarding the products shall be directed to the retailer. 10. In case of canceling a transaction or returning products, these activities will be done directly in front of the retailer according to his terms.

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