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Terms & Conditions

TripGift® 提供了線上預訂當地或國際差旅所需的一切,擁有超過 150 萬的差旅 體驗和數位媒體,帶來以下獨特選擇:450 家航空公司 | 750,000 家酒店、別墅和公寓 | 20,000 種套餐遊 | 500 家租車品牌供應商 | + 數位媒體內容(200+ 電子語言和學習 課程),所有這些服務只需一張禮品卡即可獲得,您可以使用它透過網路和您的行動裝置即時預訂或 購買。 TripGift® 提供了一個獨特的線上分攤支付功能,讓您可以使用兩張支付卡 完成您的購買交易,即時獲得差旅獎勵。 透過 tripgift.com 向各個旅遊品牌進行預訂,如 Delta Airlines、American Airlines、United Airlines、British Airways、Southwest Airlines、Air Canada、Qantas、Emirates、Cathay Pacific、Marriott、Hyatt、IHG、 Hilton、Enterprise、Hertz、Sixt、Budget 以及數千家值得信賴的旅遊品牌。 TripGift® offers everything needed to book local or international travel online with over 1.5 million travel experiences and digital media, with a unique choice of: 450 Airlines | 750,000 Hotels, Villas & Apartments | 20,000 Package Tours | 500 Car Rental Brand Providers | + Digital Media content (200+ eLanguage & Learning courses) all with one Gift card which you can use to book or purchase instantly online and using your mobile device. TripGift® provides a unique feature of online split payments allowing you to use two payment cards to complete your purchase transaction with instant bonus travel rewards. Book on tripgift.com with travel brands such as Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, British Airways, Southwest Airlines, Air Canada, Qantas, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Marriott, Hyatt, IHG, Hilton, Enterprise, Hertz, Sixt, Budget and Thousands of trusted travel brands.                                        



Redemption Methods


Redemption Instructions

兌換指導. 請閱讀品牌資訊,獲得關於如何兌換您的禮品卡的說明。 只能透過此網站線上兌換(使用):http://tripgift.com  1) 在 http://tripgift.com 上註冊一個帳戶,然後按一下 Book Trip(差旅預訂) | Redeem(兌換) 2) 根據您的產品需求進行搜尋、預訂和購買。 3) 一旦選擇了最符合您的需求的選項,請輸入 預訂或產品交易所涉及的人員或所有人員的詳細資訊 4) 進入結帳頁面,將您的電子禮品卡代碼複製並貼到「兌換 電子禮品卡代碼」方塊中,然後按一下「Submit(提交)」,下一步同意條款和條件,按一下」立即訂購「,以 完成您的訂購和交易,您很快將收到一封確認電子郵件。 Redemption Instructions. Please read info below for instructions on how to redeem your Gift card.                 Redeem (use) Online Only at: http://tripgift.com                  1) Register an Account at http://tripgift.com then click on Book Trip | Redeem                 2) Search, Book or purchase based on your product needs.                 3) Once you have selected the options that best suit your needs, enter the details of the person                 or all persons involved in the booking or product transaction                 4) Proceed to the check-out page and copy and paste your eGift card code into the Redeem                 eGift card code box and click submit, proceed to agree to the T&Cs and click Order now to                 complete your booking & transaction, you will shortly receive a confirmation via email.                

1.禮品卡僅適用於住所居民以當地貨幣進行的新的個人預訂。 2.禮品卡在被禁止,用於欺詐或非法目的或受法律限制,以現金或其他對價出售以及由非本地貨幣住所的居民使用的情況下,應無效 3. 每筆交易允許使用至多 2 個電子禮品卡代碼,如果您的購物籃商品價值超過電子禮品卡的價值,您可以使用 Visa、MasterCard 或 American Express 支付差額。 4. TripGift 禮品卡自發放之日起有效期為 12 個月,北美地區居民的禮品卡除外,此卡不會過期。愛爾蘭的禮品卡有效期為 60 個月,澳大利亞和德國的有效期為 36 個月,並受當地州和國家/地區法律以及各州和國家/地區所要求的任何剩餘退款值的限制,如需瞭解貨幣和居住國家/地區的兌換要求的完整條款和條件,請瀏覽 http://tripgift.com/info/terms-and-conditions.aspx 5. 所有網站內容、客戶服務、票券和電子優惠券都將用英語提供。禮品卡及電子禮券不得用於交換或退款。 6. 如需有關禮品卡和最佳使用方法的快速解答或有任何疑問,請瀏覽 https://faqs.tripgift.com/ 1. Gift cards can only be applied to a NEW individual reservation made in the local currency by domiciled residents. 2. Gift cards shall be void where prohibited, if used for fraudulent or illegal purposes or restricted by law and if sold for cash or other consideration and if used by non-local currency domiciled residents. 3. A maximum of 2 eGift card codes are permitted per transaction, if your basket value exceeds the value of the eGift cards you may pay the difference by using Visa, MasterCard or American Express.                 4. TripGift gift cards have a 12 months expiration from issuance, except for residents in North America gift cards do not expire. Ireland expiration is 60 months and Australia & Germany which is 36 months, subject to local State & Country law and any required residual refund value for each State & Country, for full terms and conditions on currency and country of residence redemption requirements please visit http://tripgift.com/info/terms-and-conditions.aspx                 5. All website content, customer service, tickets and eVouchers will be in English language. Gift cards & eVouchers cannot be exchanged or refunded.                 6. For quick answers and any questions regarding Gift cards and best use, please visit https://faqs.tripgift.com/                                 

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