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Terms & Conditions

百佳在零售市場上之遠見及推動備受業內及社會各界人士嘉許,屢次榮獲得各項有關企業管理和顧客服務的獎項,一直是顧客信賴的品牌。 百佳超級市場是長江和記實業有限公司附屬公司屈臣氏集團的成員之一。 屈臣氏集團於1841年創立,現已發展成全球最大的國際保健美容零售商,在29個市場經營超過16,300家商店。每年,超過五十九億名顧客在我們全球12個零售品牌的實體店舖及網上商店購物。我們務求每一天令顧客會心微笑,每天努力不懈,致力進一步拓展國際零售網絡及O+O線下及線上平台,與顧客保持緊密聯繫! 屈臣氏集團秉持關愛傳統超過180年, 一直以來致力透過不同形式的活動履行企業社會責任,並回饋社會。以行動將關愛傳送到我們的員工、顧客、股東及廣大社區,為我們接觸的每一位帶來更多。了解更多有關我們的願景及承諾。 集團現於全球聘用約130,000人。屈臣氏集團是跨國綜合企業長江和記實業有限公司的成員,長江和記業務遍及50個國家,經營港口及相關服務、零售、基建以及電訊四項核心業務。 PARKnSHOP's retailing foresight and management are well recognized through numerous consumer, industry and community awards. We are frequent winners of prestigious service awards and are among the most trusted and respected retail brands in the region. PARKnSHOP is a member of the A.S. Watson Group (ASW), a subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited. Established in 1841, A.S. Watson Group is the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer with over 16,300 stores in 29 markets. Every year, over 5.9 billion people shopped at our 12 retail brands in stores and online. Our Purpose is simple and clear – to put a smile on our customers’ faces today and tomorrow! Every day, we strive to build a stronger international network and O+O (Offline plus Online/ O plus O) platforms for customer connectivity!

Redemption Methods


Redemption Instructions

Click on " click to redeem", a QR code will be shown. Present the QR code to the cashier. The eVoucher will then be redeemed.

1. 任何問題關於在百佳店舖使用此電子禮券, 由百佳超級市場(香港)有限公司 (“百佳”)處理。顧客查詢請: 致電 百佳顧客服務部電話: 2606 8658 或 電郵至: 百佳顧客服務部 ParknshopCS@aswatson.com。 2. 此電子禮券持有人可在本劵有效期內於以下指定位於香港及澳門由百佳營運之店舖換取同等價值貨品,逾期無效. 指定店舖為 (i) 於香港之任何百佳超級市場、TASTE、Fusion、Food Le Parc、International、GREAT Foodhall、Gourmet、SUPA-DEPA(只限超市部分) 及 (ii) 於澳門之任何百佳超級市場。 3. 此電子禮券不能用以套換現金或其他面值之百佳禮券,包括紙張禮券和電子禮券。持有人不會獲現金或其他形式找贖。 4. 此電子禮券須以電子方式保存及以數碼格式使用,百佳不接受任何打印出來之副本。電子禮券一經使用即告作廢,如遺失將不會獲補發。 5. 此電子禮券不適用於網上/電話/傳真訂購。 6. 如有任何爭議,百佳保留最終決定權。 7. 對任何以欺詐或非法手段、或未經授權而使用之任何電子禮卷所引致的損失或損害,百佳不會負責。 8. 百佳保留權利對本條款及條件作出更改,不另行通知。 1. Any inquiries regarding the redemption of eVouchers at PARKnSHOP’s retail stores, please call the customer service at 2606 8658; or email parknshopCS@aswatson.com. 2. This eVoucher entitles the bearer to exchange the equivalent amount for goods on or before the expiry date at the following designated retail stores in Hong Kong and Macau as operated by PARKnSHOP: (i) PARKnSHOP, TASTE, Fusion, Food Le Parc, International, GREAT Foodhall, Gourmet, SUPA-DEPA (supermarket section only) in Hong Kong, and (ii) PARKnSHOP in Macau. 3. This eVoucher shall be invalid after the expiry date. 4. This eVoucher is not exchangeable for cash or PARKnSHOP physical voucher or eVouchers in other denominations. No change will be given either in cash or in other form. 5. This eVoucher must be maintained and presented in its digital format and any print-out format will not be accepted. It will become void once used, no replacements will be issued if lost. 6. This eVoucher will not be accepted for online/phone/fax order purchases. 7. PARKnSHOP reserves the right of a final decision in case of any dispute arising from this eVoucher. 8. PARKnSHOP is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by any fraudulent or unauthorized use of the eVoucher. 9. PARKnSHOP reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without any prior notice.

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