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With more than 2,500 stores worldwide, Foot Locker is the world's leading retailer of sports shoes and apparel. Close collaboration between us and leading brands means we will always offer you the best and most exclusive product range. At Foot Locker, shoes are engraved in our hearts and shoes are our dream ... Shoes are the core of our lives and we are very proud of our ability to deliver the latest trends to our followers. For over 30 years, our collection has been collected by shoe lovers. Only the best, most relevant and most interesting products will be displayed on our shelves and in our online catalog. ‚ÄúIf featured in Foot Locker, it must be the best!‚ Äù This is a recognition to us from the public. Whether you are a dedicated shoe enthusiast or want an occasional new shoe, Foot Locker is the perfect place to meet all your needs. Don't forget to explore our great range of clothes and accessories too! Please note: most of our products you will not find anywhere else! In Europe alone, Foot Locker means more than 620 stores in premium locations, across 20 countries and has been in operation for about 30 years. European Foot Locker also means an exciting digital experience for our growing fan base, through exciting websites and great interactive social media platforms. Finally, Foot Locker is a well-established element in street culture, shoe culture and an active lifestyle in Europe. We are always striving to contribute to the community and we participate in various events and events across the continent. Whether parties, sports competitions, social gatherings, shoe exhibitions ... Foot Locker will always organize activities, at any time. .Follow our progress and liven up your shoe lifestyle with Foot Locker! Foot Locker 是全球領先的運動鞋及服裝零售商,在全球擁有逾 2,500 家門巿。我們一直與頂級品牌緊密合作,務求為你提供最優秀、最獨特的產品。在 Foot Locker,我們全情投入運動鞋的世界,視之為我們的夢想......運動鞋佔據了我們的所思所想,而讓我們最引以自豪的,便是可以為我們的粉絲介紹最新的潮流動向。 30 多年來,我們的系列一直由運動鞋狂熱者設計,以迎合運動鞋愛好者的需求。只有最出色、最相關和最令人期待的產品才會被擺放在我們的貨架和網上目錄。「如果能在 Foot locker 找到,這雙運動鞋必定卓越優秀!」這是廣泛流傳的一個說法。無論你是資深的運動鞋愛好者,抑或只是想隨意找對新球鞋的消費者,Foot Locker 都能滿足你的需要,讓你由腳到頭都無可挑剔。別忘了抽空看看我們精緻的服裝和配飾!請緊記:我們大部分的產品都是別處難求的! 僅只歐洲,逾 30 年歷史的 Foot Locker 已在 20 個國家的黃金地段擁有超過 620 家分店。為了我們日益增加的粉絲群,Foot Locker Europe 亦致力通過全新的網站和充滿活力的社交媒體平台締造更出色的數碼體驗。最後,不得不提的是,Foot Locker 將歐洲街頭文化、運動鞋特質與運動生活方式互相融合,建構出一種成熟而複雜的風格。我們茁壯成長,並通過參與這片土地上的不同活動來回饋社會。派對、運動競賽、社交聚會、運動鞋展......Foot Locker 的活動隨處可見,且數之不盡。 請密切留意 Foot Locker 的最新消息,並繼續保持運動鞋的穿搭風潮,與 Foot Locker 一起散發異彩!

Redemption Methods


Redemption Instructions

Please present Foot Locker's Gift Card to the cashier at the time of payment. 請在付款時向收銀員出示Foot Locker禮品卡

This Giftcard can only be used for purchase at a Foot Locker or Kids Foot Locker store in the country of issue. The Giftcard has no value until a balance is acquired. The Card cannot be exchanged for cash and will not be replaced in case of lost or stolen. When using this Card for purchases, automatic deduction will be made to its balance. You can check the Card’s balance at the moment of purchase, or at any time at a Foot Locker store or by calling In-country Dial: 800-960025 or IVR: 866-886-2820. For customer support: +852 800 93 1511 此卡只能於發行國家的 Foot Locker或 Foot Locker童裝店使用。 在獲得餘額之前,此卡沒有任何價值。 此卡不能 兌換現金,如卡遺失或被盜,將不獲補發。 在使用此卡購物時,餘額將被自動扣除。 你可以於任何Foot Locker 門市,Foot Locker 服務熱線: 800-960025 人工智能:866-886-2820 或在購物時查詢禮品卡之餘額。

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