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Terms & Conditions

為顧客提供便利體驗,一直是7-Eleven的發展基石 - 在各區各地的街角,總會有一間7-Eleven,每星期7日、每日24小時服務,提供一系列日常生活必需品和服務,以及各式各樣的滋味零食. At 7-Eleven, delivering convenience is the core of our existence. You can find a 7-Eleven at almost every street corner ─ open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week offering a range of products and services that cater to your daily needs and indulgences.

Redemption Methods


Redemption Instructions

請向7-Eleven職員出示二維碼。此電子現金券將於首次換領後失去效用。 Please show the QR code to the 7-Eleven staff. This eVoucher will lose validity after its first redemption.

1. 此電子現金券適用於香港及澳門7-Eleven使用。 2. 每次交易最多只可使用1張電子現金劵。 3. 此電子現金券只限使用1次。 4. 此電子現金券不可作退款或兌換現金。 5. 此電子現金券只可兌換7-Eleven貨品,並不設找續。 6. 此電子現金券不適用於服務項目:包括但不限於網上遊戲產品(商戶推廣的特定產品除外)、換購商品、現金券、禮品券、預付卡、支付塑膠袋徵費及其他服務項目(例如八達通增值/最近 10 筆交易紀錄列印、電子錢包增值、繳費/捐款、購買禮品卡/訂閱卡/八達通卡/八達通配飾/澳門通卡 /澳門通卡配飾 、流動電話儲值卡或增值券、各款入場券/ 車票/影印/傳真、充電服務、取件及退件、預付服務、儲物櫃/迪欣湖活動/繳付泊車費 以及自助洗衣服務。) 7. 此電子現金券如有遺失或損毀,將不獲補發。 8. 此電子現金券不可轉售。 9. 須於付款前出示此電子現金券,影印本或屏幕截圖均不獲接受。 10. 如有任何因網絡、電話、技術或不可歸責於7-Eleven之事由,而導致不能使用電子現金券,7-Eleven概不負責。 11. 此電子現金券條款及細則如有更改,恕不另行通知。 " 12. 此電子現金券於有效日期後無效並不能使用,亦不會獲補發或延期。 13. 如有查詢,請電郵至egift_help@wogi.biz。 14. 如有任何爭議,7-Eleven保留最終使用決定權。 15. 如此電子現金券條款及細則之中文及英文版本存有歧異,以中文版本為準。 1. This eVoucher shall only be used at any 7-Eleven Hong Kong and Macau. 2. Only one eVoucher shall be used per transaction. 3. This eVoucher can only be used once. 4. This eVoucher shall not be refunded nor redeemed for cash. 5. This eVoucher shall be applicable to the goods sold at 7-Eleven only and no change shall be given. 6. This eVoucher shall not be applicable to service items, including but not limited to online game products (except the specific products from merchant’s promotion), redemption items, cash vouchers, gift vouchers, prepaid cards, pay plastic bag levy and other services, e.g. Octopus reloading/ last 10 transactions print out, e-wallet top up, bill payment/ donation, purchase of gift card/ subscription card/ Octopus Card/ Octopus Ornament/ Macau Pass / Macau Pass Ornament, mobile pre-paid SIM card or recharge voucher, ticketing service/ stamps, photocopy/ fax, battery recharge service, parcel pick-up and return, pre-payment, locker/ Inspiration Lake activities/ parking fee payment and self-serve laundry. 7. This eVoucher shall not be re-issued if lost or damaged. 8. This eVoucher shall not be used for resale. 9. This eVoucher must be presented to the cashier before payment. A photocopy or screenshot of this eVoucher is not acceptable. 10. 7-Eleven shall not be held responsible for any inability to use the eVoucher due to network connection, telephone problem, technical problem or other reasons not attributable to 7-Eleven. 11. The terms and conditions of this eVoucher are subject to change without prior notice. 12. This eVoucher shall be valid until the expiry date stated on the eVoucher and shall not be re-issued nor extended. 13. Please contact egift_help@wogi.biz for enquiries. 14. In the event of any disputes, 7-Eleven reserves the right to the final decision. 15. If there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of this eVoucher, the Chinese version shall prevail. Identification Number: 2210ST230869007

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