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Perfect for those who are passionate about fashion and style, Zattini Gift Card offers over 37,000 items in just one website. More than 280 top brands of the fashion world with great prices and promotions. Access and enjoy this gift to renew your wardrobe. Dare to be more.


Redemption Methods


Redemption Instructions

To Redeem: 1. Visit 2. Landing page will prompt user to login or register account. 3. New users are required to create an account. Once user has completed registration they will be directed to the CPF. Existing users may login and will be directed to appropriate screen. 4. Once logged in user will need to fill in the code in highlighted field. 5. User will receive a confirmation with the reward value and expiration. Rules: 1. The client must link the code to a CPF / CNPJ within 6 months, after that period, the code is automatically deleted from the system. 2. After linking the code to a CPF or CNPJ, the code will be available in the "Vouchers" menu and the balance will be displayed when choosing the form of payment. 3. The balance can be used within 1 year after the code is linked to a CPF or CNPJ, after that period, the code is automatically deleted from the system. 4. If the customer cancels the purchase before the invoice is issued, the balance automatically returns to your account. 5. The entire balance does not need to be used on a single purchase.

The Gift Card is unique, non-transferable and non-cumulative. Permitted to use one gift card per purchase made on the site. The validity of the card is 3 months from the distribution date.

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