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Choose from 8 races and 9 classes and head off into the World of Warcraft! In World of WarCraft, most races start in their own part of the world... a world that could compete with Morrowind for size. As the races move out from their starting locations, they can meet the other races if they choose to move out through the world. In World of WarCraft, both races and classes have unique abilities, skills, and spells to help them survive in the world. join parties and guilds, fight everything from rabbits to dragons, climb mountains and swim out into the sea ... the world is yours...only in World of WarCraft

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To claim a code on Battle.Net App. Open the games tab, click the “Redeem a Code” button found under the logo of any game. From the “Shop” tab, click “Services” and then “Redeem a Code” To claim a code on Battle.Net website. Log into your account on Enter the code in the Redeem Code box and click “Redeem Code”

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