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Términos & Condiciones

eXtra is the biggest retailer for Electronics and Home Appliances in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering customers the best options for Mobiles, Computers, Smart TVs, Gaming Devices, Home Appliances, in addition to a wide range of Smart Home Devices and other Home Accessories, across its conveniently located stores and even online through the website. The eXtra eGift card is a gift that is guaranteed to bring the receiver lots of happiness, no matter who you gift it to or whatever the occasion! Whether its useful or practical gifts for their homes, gifts that will keep them entertained, cutting-edge technology that would impress tech enthusiasts, or indoor or outdoor toys for kids, there is something great for everyone at eXtra! They can browse through the leading brands and choose a gift that fits their specific needs or discover their new favourite items! You could gift it to friends or family on festivals like Eid, Christmas or Diwali, for a loved one’s Birthday or to celebrate an Anniversary.You could even gift it to your parents on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to show your appreciation. If you can’t make up your mind on what to give that special someone on Valentine’s Day, simply get them an eXtra eGift card and let them select the perfect gift for themselves.

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Online Redemption: In the Payment option, select pay with Loyalty Program Select "You Got A Gift" icon displayed on the page (To know on the Online redemption process, please visit : The e-gift card (eXtra eGift) is valid for use in all eXtra stores and website within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To know the locations of eXtra stores, please visit the following link:

This eGift Card will be activated within 48 hours from the time of purchase. The e-gift card (eXtra eGift) is valid for use in all eXtra stores and website within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To know the locations of eXtra stores, please visit the following link: To know the online redemption process, please visit the following link Customer can use more than one gift card in one purchase/order. This card is only valid for one time use for the full amount and is not eligible for partial use. In other words, the full amount must be used in one transaction, and there will be no cashback or return for the difference if the full amount is not used. The eGift card may not be replaced, refunded, returned, reloaded, redeemed for more than face value, redeemed for cash, returned for cash, or transferred to another account. The owner of the eGift card is solely responsible for protecting the card and the PIN from any unauthorized use. The eGift card is valid until the expiry date mentioned on the card. In case if the customer has purchased online and then has submitted an online cancellation request, this requires the return of the entire invoice and not part of it in accordance with the return and exchange policy of eXtra, and the customer will get his gift card back after the cancellation. When canceling an online order via customer service, the customer must visit the nearest store to receive an eXtra gift card for the same value as the canceled eGift cards. The eGift card cannot be returned at any of the eXtra Stores if the customer wants to return the purchased products. The value paid by the card shall be returned on a voucher to be used at eXtra Stores only in accordance with the return and exchange policy. eXtra has the right to refuse the eXtra eGift card if the code has already been used. eXtra and Bidali are not responsible if any eGift card is lost, stolen, or destroyed, or if the customer’s eGift card is used without his/her permission. Expired eGift Cards cannot be extended, exchanged or refunded.

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