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Have questions? We have answers!

What cryptocurrencies do you accept?

We currently support Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum and will be announcing support for more currencies soon! Feel free to send us an email at if there is a currency you are particularly interested in.

What currencies do you sell gift cards in?

Both CAD and USD. For many brands you don't necessarily need to reside in those countries to redeem the gift cards. For example, you can buy an American Eagle or Walmart gift card that is denominated in USD and still use it at Canadian stores. However, it's best to check with the brand to see what their policies and conditions are.

How long will it take for my gift card(s) to be emailed to me?

This varies based on the network speed of the the currency you used to pay with but your gift card is emailed to you shortly after we have received the appropriate number of confirmations and consider your order as paid. Typically this is within a few minutes of being confirmed on the blockchain.

I didn't get my gift card!

Please ensure your email address is correct at the time of order. To prevent against fraud we do not have any way of reissuing emailed gift cards to alternative email addresses. If your email address is misspelled, there is a good chance it will NOT be recoverable. Please also make sure to check your “SPAM” folder before contacting us about any lost gift cards as many email clients will flag gift cards as spam. Gmail users are also encouraged to check their “Promotions” folder. If you think you entered it correctly please contact us at or via that chat window.

Do you sell physical gift cards?

No, at this time we only sell electronic gift cards that are delivered via email.

How come you don't have my favourite brand?

We're working hard on adding more brands. If there is a specific one you would like us to provide gift cards for please send us an email at or tweet at the brand!

What are the fees on gift card purchases?


Well, isn't that nice! But how do you make money?

We make money in two ways - buying gift cards at a discount and making a tiny bit on the cryptocurrency to fiat exchange rate.

How do you calculate your exchange rates?

We find the best market rate for you and add a small percentage to account for market volatility. This ensures you get a fair rate and we don't lose money on every transaction.

Why did it cost me more than the face value of the gift card?

Unfortunately due to market volatility and our current purchasing power right now gift cards cost a tiny bit more than the face value. Even still the cost to convert your crypto to a usable form of payment is comparable to (or cheaper) than what exchanges charge and accessing your money is much much faster. At Bidali we're working on the tools to bring crypto to the masses in the hopes that this will reduce volatility and allow you to use your crypto as it was intended - to transact.

I paid too much! Can I get a refund?

Yes! Simply contact us at or via the on site chat and we'll be happy to help. We will refund you the extra crypto you paid, minus network confirmation fees required to initiate the refund.

I didn't pay enough. Now what?

Typically this happens if you send from an exchange account because they take extra fees when you withdraw your crypto. If your transaction hasn't expired yet you can pay the remaining amount to the same address. If your transaction has expired then please contact support at and we'll give you a refund minus the network transaction fees.

I don't want my gift card. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. To guard against fraud we can't provide a refund for gift cards that have been emailed. We have no way of knowing if they've been claimed or not already. Choose wisely young Padawan!

I want to buy more than $10,000 worth of gift cards

Please send us an email at and we'll be happy to help.

I want to accept crypto on my site or app

Awesome! We're using our very own payment platform so it can look just like this! Please send an email to

This is amazing! How can I thank you?

We're glad you like us! Recommending us to your friends and tweeting about us goes a long way. We'd also love to hear from you so feel free to send us an email or hit up our chat. 🙏

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